Amazingly moist Christmas cake with a Heston tribute surprise

In a big bowl put 1250g of a mixture of prunes (whole), soft dried dates (halved), figs (halved), sultanas, dried cherries and dried cranberries
and soak them overnight in 300ml port/brandy or a mixture of both.


In a pan, put one litre water, one kilo sugar and a stick of cinnamon. bring to the boil then put in an orange which you’ve pierced a few times with a skewer and boil for an hour. Take the orange out and let it rest overnight while the fruits are soaking.

Cream 250g butter with 250g dark muscovado sugar
Add 5 eggs, 1 tsp vanilla extract
Then fold in 250g self raising flour, 1 tbsp mixed spice and 1 tbsp ground cinnamon
Mix in the soaked fruits. Put the orange in the middle of a big cake tin which you’ve greased and lined. Pour the cake mixture over the top. The orange should be submerged.

Cook for 30 mins on 140 (fan oven). Then turn oven down to 130 and cook for another 90 mins. Cool in the tin.

Add a thick layer of pre-rolled marzipan on top (not on the sides), a thick layer of pre-rolled icing (on top, not sides) and create an amusing topical scene on top out of lego mini figures.

Ready to eat. Will last 2 weeks.

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