Ace Bridge with Andrew Robson

logoJoin Andrew Robson’s beginners bridge class at Bumpkin (Westbourne Park Road) starting 23rd September. Now I know this is amazing because I have almost completed a year of classes. I went reluctantly last year, dragged by a card loving friend and mildly interested in why my mother for over 40 years and twice a week would leave all of us for dead rather than miss her bridge sessions. Images of grey old ladies, sucking mints and discussing bunions are what we mostly associate with this grand game. Well the Andrew Robson bridge club is a far cry from this deathly stereotype. I am now quite addicted to the whole bridge thing and hope to join some sort of follow on class next year, as I am not sure I am ready to play without Andrew, his microphone and dry sense of humour or without Lorna his partner helping out with a cheeky wink. If you think as I did – I don’t have time – it is literally a couple of hours on Tuesdays. It is extremely relaxing as all your daily anxieties melt into nothing while your brain tunes into which suit you should be bidding, finessing or trying to ditch, and the Notting Hill crowd may be sucking mints but the days of thick ankles, arthritis and hair loss are not yet nigh. When I mention to those in the bridgey know that I am being taught by THE Andrew Robson, people really gasp in awe. He is the king of the Bridge scene and has an OBE to certify his status. Down in Parsons Green there is a huge Andrew Robson Bridge Club with over 2,500 members and his column in the Times is read nationally by bridge lovers including my mum. So if you have a sneaky urge to learn this magical game and improve your brain function while you are at it, sign up now, as you couldn’t have a better teacher or a nicer location. It is about £200 for a term and you email Lorna – [email protected]

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