Pass on a Poem

The Argument of His Book by Robert Herrick (English, 1591-1674)
I sing of Brooks, of Blossomes, Birds and Bowers:
Of April, May, of June, and July-flowers.
I sing of May-poles, Hock-carts, Wassails, Wakes
Of bride-grooms, brides, and of their bridall-cakes.
I write of Youth, of Love, and have Accesse
By these, to sing of cleanly Wantonnesse;
I sing of Dewes, of Raines, and, piece by piece,
Of Balme, of Oyle, of Spice and Ambergreece.
I sing of Times trans-shifting; and I write
How Roses first came Red, and Lilies White.
I write of Groves, of Twilights, and I sing
The Court of Mab, and of the Fairie King.
I write of Hell; I sing (and ever shall)
Of Heaven, and hope to have it after all.

  • Hock-cart, the last cart from the harvest-field.
  • Wakes, village festivals, properly in the dedication-day of a church.
  • Ambergris, ‘gray amber,’ used in perfumery.


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