Portobello Orchestra

Flyer p1Bournemouth had its Sinfonietta, Liverpool has its Royal Philharmonic and in Portobello we have our very own, er, ‘Orchestra’.  Well, they’re a down-to-earth bunch of people so ‘Orchestra’ does fine and they’ve a concert this Saturday evening at the ever-gorgeous St Peter’s Church on Kensington Park Road and top of the bill is Nicolai’s rumbustious Merry Wives of Windsor.  Troubled romance follows with the ever-tuneful Tchaikovsky and his Romeo & Juliet and yet more of the same – well, the troubled bit anyway – a burst of Bernstein’s Westside Story.  Singing along with those show-stoppers may be frowned on but they’ll not notice a spot of humming and the odd bit of foot-tapping.  Being cerebral types the Portobello flourishes a Mendelssohn finale with his Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s all about Shakespeare. And I’m told that they’d love more violins for next term – so dust down that Strad and strut off to join them for next term. theportobelloorchestra

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