This summer’s Serpentine pavilion design

Architect Francis Kéré has been chosen to design this year’s Serpentine Pavilion.  Kéré is an award-winning architect from Gando, Burkino Faso and will be the 17th architect to design a temporary Pavilion outside the Serpentine Gallery.

Inspired by the tree that serves as a central meeting point for life in his home town of Gando, Kéré has designed a responsive Pavilion that seeks to connect its visitors to nature – and each other. An expansive roof, supported by a central steel framework, mimics a tree’s canopy, allowing air to circulate freely while offering shelter against London rain and summer heat.

 Kéré, who leads the Berlin-based practice Kéré Architecture, has positively embraced British climate in his design, creating a structure that engages with the ever-changing London weather in creative ways. The Pavilion has four separate entry points with an open air courtyard in the centre, where visitors can sit and relax during sunny days. In the case of rain, an oculus funnels any water that collects on the roof into a spectacular waterfall effect, before it runs off through a drainage system in the floor for later use in irrigating the park. Both the roof and wall system are made from wood. By day, they act as solar shading, creating pools of dappled shadows. By night, the walls become a source of illumination as small perforations twinkle with the movement and activity from inside. Can’t wait to see it. serpentinegalleries and for more of Kérés buildings click here … kere-architecture



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